As a leader in contract packaging of plastic resin in the U.S. and the first in the country to offer contract packaging to the plastics industry, Plantgistix has handled various materials and has moved products to and from numerous types of packages.

Our state-of-the-art facilities in Houston employ our award-winning package designs and materials handling systems to ensure that your products are carefully and thoughtfully packaged, handled, and delivered to your end-user intact and on time.

And with our proprietary integrated software suite, we provide real-time information to track the status of your product from initial notice of receipt to packaging and storage and out the door, using our high tech RF bar coding system.

We also offer additional specialty services that support in-plant and contract packaging logistics services.


Safety is Our Way of Life

At Plantgistix, we have an award-winning safety program. We believe being safe is not just about checking off boxes—it is a mindset. And that is why we have been injury-free for over eight years.

How do we do it? It begins and ends with making sure our employees are deeply engaged in the topic of safety. We talk about it—a lot. Then we walk the talk. Our own processes and policies ensure safety is considered in every task, while we strive to continually improve our safety systems.

We have achieved our safety record through our dedication to the cause of being safe—because every employee has the right to go home safe.


The Right People for Progress

Our people are the backbone of our contract packaging services. Because of the customer intimacy service we provide you can maximize our services to keep business flowing and get to where you want to go. The experts at Plantgistix can accommodate your requirements and increase value, from KPIs/metrics reporting to product inspection and beyond. Our people have industry experience in specialty areas, such as chemical logistics, rail car management, package supplies procurement and management, specialty and commodity resin handling, dispatching and key supply chain relationships.

We are also known for our exceptional responsiveness to provide solutions quickly. And if one of our staff has an idea for how to optimize our equipment or processes to better serve you, we have the flexibility and agility to incorporate that idea so you get even better results.

It is this spirit of continual improvement, collaboration, innovation and dedicated customer service that makes Plantgistix the best choice in the business for contract packaging and related services.

Service Offerings

We Do It All So You Can Do It All

Plantgistix does much more than package products. We provide all of the logistical services necessary to get your products to your customers in excellent condition and on schedule. When you use us for your material handling, you will save time and money while optimizing operations and gaining peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most—your business.

Packaging Services

Various Material Handling Processes/Methods

Multiple Bagging Types, Boxes, Bulk Bags, Repackaging to and from any Package, Air Evacuation/Hygroscopic Packages, Sea Bulk Loading/Unloading

​Packaging of Hard to Handle Materials

Products of High VA Content, Hygroscopic/Photovoltaic Resins, Unusually Low/High Bulk Density Products, Fine Powders

Procurement of Packaging Supplies and Distribution of Raw Materials

Inventory Management of Raw Materials and Packaging Supplies

Hopper Car and Hopper Truck Loading/Unloading

Product Tracking and Traceability through Radio Frequency Bar Coding Systems​

Supporting Services

Dispatching services Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Prime/Additive/By-products/Second Quality Management

Hopper Car Switching

Shipping and Receiving - Full Truckload and LTL

Shipment Blocking and Bracing

Export Container Loose Loading

Trucking Services, Dray and Shuttling

Inbound Railcar Tracking and Tracing

Bulk Truck Loading and Unloading Management

Stretch Wrapping/Stretch Hooding

Break-Bulk Preparation

Box Car Loading/Unloading

Customized Reports

Your Partner in Success

Our dedication to continual improvement is evident in the innovative ideas we bring to our contract packaging locations. For example, if you maintain your own inventory of packaging materials, we may suggest that you allow us to provide the materials, freeing up your time and money.

We can also manage relationships with others in the supply chain on your behalf.

By having us manage the relationship with your truckers, we can easily shave two days off the process of getting a truck loaded compared to you having to manage both parties. And our bundled services optimize both time and accountability.

We are always thinking of better ways to optimize operations and keep your business moving forward.

Let's Get Moving

We are ready to start helping you improve your operations by providing a customized solution that includes our integrated services.

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