We don’t just provide the staff. We place permanent and experienced managers and operators on-site who are highly proficient at working in industrial environments and who specialize in logistics and supporting services from product handling to inventory management, to housekeeping and equipment design.

We bring everything in alignment by managing the process of design, installation and maintenance of all equipment and commission the necessary packaging and materials handling systems to support your post-production needs. Achieving alignment saves you the time and cost of doing it yourself.

We also offer additional Resin Enhancement Services that support in-plant and contract packaging logistics.


Safety is Our Way of Life

At Plantgistix, we have an award winning safety program. We believe being safe is not just about checking off boxes — it is a mindset, and that is why we have been injury-free for over eight years.

How do we do it? It begins and ends with making sure our employees are deeply engaged in the topic of safety. We talk about it—a lot. Then we walk the talk. Our own processes and policies ensure safety is considered in every task, and we continually strive to improve our safety systems. We have achieved our safety record through our dedication to the cause of being safe—because every employee has the right to go home safe.


The Right People for Progress

When it comes to in-plant services, it’s our people who make the difference. Plantgistix has dedicated human resources personnel who recruit the right people for the job with the skills and requirements that are specific for your site.

Our ASTD award-winning training programs ensure that our staff is highly trained with a broad range of specialized skills. We also manage all site certification requirements and ensure that our staff complies with your company’s safety and operational requirements. Having the right people means less turnover in the plant so your product keeps moving.

Service Offerings


Plantgistix does much more than package products. We provide the logistical services necessary to get your products to your customers in excellent condition and on schedule. When you use us for your material handling, you will save time and money while optimizing operations and gaining peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most—your business.

Optimization & Innovation

Plantgistix provides you with innovative ideas and systems to help you optimize your in-plant operations, improve safety, maintain quality, and maximize productivity.


We recommend changes to your operations that will increase efficiency and speed-to-market, improve safety and reduce costs to take you from good to great.

Equipment Design and Redesign

Sometimes improving productivity, safety and quality is a matter of changing the design of your equipment. Using our decades of expertise, we can design a new system or redesign your existing equipment for your operations.

Product Inspections

Product inspections can greatly increase the time it takes to begin packaging. We employ our own quality operators to run a first-look visual inspection to significantly reduce start-up time. We also implement products sampling systems to obtain a more thorough sample during packaging, and often perform the final product inspection prior to releasing to sales.

Product Damage and Quality Issue Avoidance

There is nothing more important than your product getting to its destination in the condition that your customers expect. We will review your current packaging materials and processes, and then recommend changes to ensure your product is presented to your customer as thoughtfully and securely as possible.

Let's Get Moving

We are ready to start helping you improve your operations by providing a customized solution that includes our integrated services.

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