Plantgistix volunteers:  Mary Constance, Neil Panthi, Scott Skrabanek, Tony Redd, Marc Levine and Patty Escamilla 

Following up on their $5,000 contribution, Plantgistix’s employees also donated their time to cook for the wonderful staff and homeless kids at Covenant House.

About Covenant House:

Covenant House Texas provides uniquely extensive care to homeless and abandoned youth. Since 1983, our homeless shelter in Houston has offered crisis care, prevention, counseling, training, and more to young adults in need. The services available at the Covenant House Houston homeless shelter provide children with a strong foundation of resources and emotional support.  By attending to basic needs and building a long-term program of care, Covenant House Texas intends to restore childhood for abandoned and at-risk youth, and help them to set their lives on a track that’s right for them. 

The Plantgistix team left Covenant House filled with hope that their small gesture of loving on these kids would last for a while, and let them know that they are not alone and appreciated.

It was a memorable day for all.