Our Customers Love our Service

“Our customers' needs for timely delivery of Kuraray’s specialty products have been growing fast over the past few years, and we have found a solution in our partnership with the team at Plantgistix. In the short time that we have been working with Plantgistix, they have grown to become an extension of our packaging and logistics system for packaging and repackaging, plus a provider of additional services that allows Kuraray to timely deliver product that meets our customers’ needs. Plantgistix has proven to be a partner because they strove to first understand our packaging and service needs and have been responsive, flexible and willing to invest in people, process and equipment to meet Kuraray’s requirements in both the short and long term.”

- - Robert Armstrong, General Manager Kuraray Americas​

“There is a reason we have a 45 year relationship with Plantgistix. Their decades of great customer service and reliable on time packaging and shipping has always allowed Bamberger to focus on our core business, knowing our handling needs will be exceeded. Plantgistix not only brings issues and challenges to us proactively but always with suggestive corrective actions and solutions that prove their culture of collaborative teamwork and dedication to our partnership.”

- - Steve Goldberg, Co-CEO Bamberger Polymers​